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Transformed Marriage

I ask for prayer for both my husband and I to look again and change our relationship - since then both my husband and I have changed and I praise God for the relationship that is now forming. Past is past and our hearts are open and blessing and nurturing one another. The stresses that were so heavy to bear are now shared equally and with hope.

I feel our relationship going to the next level, Praise God. There are so many small but important changes I can't name them all, I just want to thank you for holding us up in prayer and praise God for His love and goodness.

Eagle Claire Shahkar May 13, 2013

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God’s Word coming true

Prophet James,

I big warm embrace from your Brother in New Jersey, It has been a while since we met at Damian's house in New Jersey but there has not been a day that I have not thought of the words you spoke to both my Wife Edith and I. I am sure the Lord is using you in many big ways, I pray that all your needs are met and that you and your Family are all in great health.

I want to thank you for sharing the Lords word for us and to let you know you will always be in our thoughts and prayers. I have started to look into getting my real estate license and I have been invited to sit on a board that deals with helping ex-convicts find jobs and re-establish themselves into society. These are two of the things you prophesy to us and that the Lord had in store for us. I just signed the lease on our warehouse, which we officially take over January 2nd.

So as you can see the Lord keeps his word all the time. I am still on the path of creating a vehicle for networking with all Christian Men entities in the tri-state area and who knows where else. We can use this vehicle to communicate of all our events. I look forward to your input and help in putting this together.

Carlos Mendez New Jersey April 9, 2010

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Going to Costa Rica… as the Lord said!

Prophet James,

You prayed for Canada at the last Summit and one of the ladies on my team Helen was from Costa Rica and you told (Prophesied ) to her, to get her suitcases ready as she was going to Costa Rica.

She is now there and the doors have been opened for us to minister to a few churches in Costa Rica at the end of April. I will be going to join her and another team member at the end of the month and we feel that this is a divine call from God. We are asking you to please keep us in prayer that we would be able accomplish all that He asks us to do
We are receiving the word that you spoke this month and believing that God is going to do great things!

Eagle Carmine April 9, 2010

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