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From a modern day prophet, this course will consist of an 9 Month period. Each week, Prophet James Hernandez will unlock the secrets to receiving and unfolding revelations for your life, the church and the Nations of the world. He will also teach some of the truths hidden in the Bible and provide a simple understanding of some of those writings. The Prophetic is for the modern day believer and it will not only educate and inspire you but will give you the understanding of how God loves to communicate to His people in a daily base. It will be an inspiring journey of discovery. This ground-breaking course is designed as a foundation to building your prophetic lifestyle. In this courses, you will discover your element and how to perceive the voice of God for your family, church and the world.

YEAR 1: "Misconceptions about the Prophetic"

In this teachings, James will instruct his students on one of the keys to hearing God’s voice and not their own thoughts. In the first teaching, James will deal with Understanding your Potential and now he will unfold the secret to understanding God’s will for the present time through the Prophetic.

YEAR 2: "Dreams and Visions"

Prophet James Loves to Activate God’s People in their Gifts and some of those Gifts are Strongly Connected with the Prophetic. They are Dreams and Visions. Here the Student will Start developing a Clear Perspective of the Supernatural world and how to interpret there own Dreams and Visions" for there Personal Life’s, Family, Church and Society. Knowing the Whole Plan of God and his Mystery’s of how he Communicates.

YEAR 3: "Prophetic Intersession"

In this 3rd Course James will Teach how to Intercede effectively through intercession without Burning Out using less Power and using more there Authority through Revelation uncovering the Plans of the Enemy before it happens. In Prophetic Intercession you will learn the Correct way of Standing in the Gap for Others, Abraham did it without Burning (Genesis 18:16 – 33)

YEAR 4: "Prophetic Worship"

In this Last Teaching James gives a Clear View of how important is to Worship with a Prophetic understanding, sadly worship has become a routine in most of the Churches, there is no Life released in there Songs and no expectancy at All, here you will see how the Key of David plays a very important roll in this School of the Prophet

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