Prophet James Hernandez

In obedience to God’s call, Prophet James gave up his professional career in music and dedicated each of his musical talents towards the Kingdom of God. He operates in worship and in the Office of the prophetic ministry; as well as teaching and preaching the word of the Lord. He directed the worship team’s musicians at his local church, Centro Cristiano Hosanna, located in Isabela, P.R. under the leadership of Apostles Mickey and Maggie Medina. For several years, he imparted into them the excellence of praise and worship. In his own words, he would say: "If I gave the world the best of myself in music, then now I will give to God nothing less than excellence! Praise and worship to the King MUST be extravagant and excellent!" Once James begins to play the piano and worship, the powerful anointing upon his life guides the people into God’s Presence, causing a hunger to see God’s Glory. James’ passion is to worship the King with excellence! And his heart’s desire is to equip the Saints in their prophetic call and activate the gift of speaking God’s heart to the body of Christ.

James graduated in July of 2004 from Latin University of Theology (L.U.T. University) and holds a Master’s Degree in Music and a Master’s Degree in Christian Art. He has recorded, directed and produced many musical productions and has composed songs and musical arrangements for many well known recording artists; among them Victor Manuel,Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, Jose Nogueras, Marcos Witt and many others. James has also recorded and produced his own cd: "Arise". Recorded live in Hosanna, Arise is the first time ever, prophetic worship music to be recorded in Puerto Rico. There were no musical arrangements and no previously written songs. The Holy Spirit gave James, the musicians and the singers what was to be played and sung prophetically at the moment of worship. His New production: "The Roar of the Lion", recorded live in June of 2009.

God called James as a prophet for the nations and in May 17, 2003 was ordained in the office of a prophet by Apostles Mickey Medina, Apostle John Eckhardt and Apostle Israel De Jesus. Prophet James is now under the Mentoring of Prophet and Pastor Kim Clement and affiliated with International Covenant Life Network, Apostles Chris and Pamela Hardy. He has ministered to many churches in Puerto Rico, throughout the United States and other countries such as Argentina,Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Spain, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Holland.He has also given conferences to prepare and educate leaders in their spiritual gifts. Prophet James is giving a school for the Eagles International Training Institute under the direction of Apostle Pamela Hardy.

James is Married with Ruth Hernández and of his firts relationship have 2 daughters, Lorrie and Jamie, and his Son Raymond and 3 grandsons: Elijah,Caleb & Raymond.

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